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Ash pendants also known as memorial pendants, keepsake jewelry or even cremation pendants are quickly becoming one of the most popular ways for families to memorialize their loved ones. As many memorial industry experts as well as experts in psychology and mental health note, cremation is often an uncomfortable option for families. Reducing a body to ashes, after all, can sometimes feel too much like a permanent "end." But families are increasingly finding that ash pendants can change that feeling. Ash pendants can keep a loved-one’s spirit and memory alive and nearby for generations to come.

Ash pendants can help families share the ashes of a dearly departed loved oneAsh pendants are created to the highest standards of quality for jewelry and  come in an array styles and designs. Ash pendants can be in the form of hearts, crosses and dozens – if not hundreds – of other shapes and symbols. Ash pendants can even hold pictures of a family member, display beautiful nature scenes, and blend in among rosary beads. Ash pendants can also be made from any number of materials including glass wood, and, of course, precious metal.
In short, these pendants for cremation ashes can be as diverse as the people they memorialize.

Many distributors also offer ash pendants that stray from the traditional symbols. Some of the designs are the “teardrop” ash pendant, the “floral” ash pendant, the “gold-plated cowboy hat” ash pendant and the “small round signet” ash pendant.

What makes ash pendants among the most special of all keepsakes, of course, is that most are designed to store tiny bits of the precious remains of a beloved family member. A few varieties are designed to also feature precious, everlasting pictures of a loved-one.  Whatever their style, ash pendants are a modern and sentimentally conscientious way of cherishing loved ones who have passed away. Ash pendants are so popular today because they make it possible for deceased loved ones to always be with their survivors.   

Photo Keepsake jewelry is a wonderful alternative to ash holdersAsh pendants are also popular among American families that are far flung across the globe. These days many families are choosing ash pendants as a wonderful way for to share a love one's memory and spirit. It is important to keep in mind either the preference of style of the person the pendant is for, and what they cherished most about their loved one. For example, if a loved one prefers a simple style, there are many elegant and timeless shapes (such as the small round signet or a plain cylinder) that would be ideal. However, if they want the pendant to be a tribute to the lost individual, they can select a symbol that represents that person. If that person loved gardening, perhaps a pendant in the shape of their favorite flower would be comforting.

For those who prefer a traditional urn, ash pendants are also a good complement. Some people wish to have their ashes dispersed in a special place. In these cases, ash pendants can help families accommodate this wish and still maintain personal keepsake.  Grieving is a normal and necessary process for any death’s survivors, and ash pendants provide a comfortable way to remember a loved one any time and any place.

Ash pendants, ironically, do not have to be limited to storing just ashes. Ash pendants are also commonly used to store locks of hair of family members whose bodies have been buried. Perhaps a picture in an ash pendant locket would also be desired. These pendants can also be filled with earth from a special place or even crushed flower petals from a special occasion. Custom engraving may be done with special words or passages on many ash pendants. The options that these small tributes offer, to create an unforgettable and comforting remembrance of a lost love, are truly endless.

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