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Cremation keepsake necklaces are a great way to keep a loved-one’s memory nearby for years to come. Simply put, memorial jewelry may be worn, over or under clothing, as an everlasting tribute to a lost loved one. These 'portable tributes' go a long way in helping one feel a tangible connection with the dearly departed. Furthermore, these pieces of jewelry can also hold other remembrances for those who's loved one was not cremated. Some individuals may use the jewelry to hold crushed funeral flower petals, earth from a grave site or other special place, or even small clippings of a lock of hair.

Keepsake Cremation Jewelry can be a gentle reminder of happier timesAs the Cremation Association of North America consumer's guide to cremation options notes, cremation, with its emphasis on reducing a body to mere ashes, can sometimes feel like an "end." But cremation keepsake necklaces can do wonders for keeping a loved-one’s memory alive and, therefore, making cremation a comfortable option for all family members. It is important for the grieving process, psychologists and other experts say, to have a special place in which to permanently memorialize a loved-one. With cremation, this may not always be practical especially in cases in which the loved one’s ashes have been scattered across some wide space. But, with a piece of memorial jewelry, the special tribute to the dearly departed can always be nearby. That is a comfort that makes jewelry for keepsakes one of the most important parts of the memorial industry today.

If you are interested in cremation keepsake necklaces, you should, perhaps consider ordering more than one piece. Memorial jewelry is increasingly popular these days because American families are often far flung across the globe and are looking for good ways to share their family memories over long distances. Having several pieces of cremation jewelry with which to remember a special loved-one is a great way to do this. 

Some photo keepsake pendants also hold remainsMost keepsake pendants are designed to be worn by family members who want to keep their loved-one's memory close at hand each day. But cremation keepsake necklaces do not necessarily have to be worn. Several nice home display options are available. Memorial pendants can be hung beautifully in special dome display cases made of glass, and nearly all cremation keepsakes come with a beautiful storage box in which they can be stored and displayed when not being worn.

As cremation itself has become more and more popular in recent years, many families have turned to memorial jewelry to create a unique tribute for their loved ones. These pieces of jewelry are available in a wide variety of designs, ranging from floral pendants, to simple and modern designs, and even pieces that are specially shaped into boots, teddy bears, hearts, or even sports equipment to name a few. There are also pieces, such as the one to the left, which will not only hold a small keepsake, but also feature a photo. This large variety of designs ensures that there is a perfect memorial pendant to suite any taste or need.

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