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Growing in Popularity around the Globe

Cremation necklaces are growing in popularity with cremation itself. According to a study commissioned in 2005 by the Funeral and Memorial Information Council at least 46 percent of Americans say they will probably choose to be cremated. That’s up from 31 percent of Americans in a similar study in 1990, and the number has been growing steadily for more than a decade.

Memorial Cremation jewelry comes in many materialsCremation ash jewelry is a great, relatively new, memorial option to accompany all of these new cremations.

Cremation necklaces, like necklaces of any style, come in a huge variety of colors, shapes and materials, and one can be found to perfectly memorialize anyone’s personality. Cremation necklaces are different from traditional jewelry because many are designed with a compartment to hold small portions of a loved-one’s ashes or, perhaps, a lock of hair. Many are also designed to display precious family portraits or even special engraved words. Families often find cremation necklaces a comforting way to keep a loved-one close at hand for the ages: even if most of the family member’s ashes are scattered at sea, buried in a special place or stored in an elegant urn for perennial display, a portion can be kept close to the loved-one’s heart in a cremation necklaces.

Cremation necklaces are typically designed to be worn, but they also make for beautiful memorial displays in any home. Many come with special case often just as beautiful as the jewelry that they house in which they can be stored proudly and beautifully when they are not being worn. It’s important to add that cremation necklaces do not necessarily have to contain portions of the remains of a loved-one. Many are designed simply to be gorgeous, permanent reminders of a loved-one’s life.

Memorial jewelry is sculpted into a wide variety of shapesA big advantage to cremation necklaces is that, because they come in so many varieties, each family member who wants a personalized memorial of his family member can find one that is a perfect fit for his or her memories. A wide variety of cremation necklaces are available online at websites that offer cremation urns, headstones, memorial rocks and other memorial products, and many families find that adding a few cremation necklaces to their purchase is a comforting, relatively inexpensive, decision.

Cremation necklaces are fashioned with the same care and skill as any fine jewelry. They can be found made of metal, glass, and even wood, and they are sculpted into a wide variety of shapes and themes - from seashels, to animals, sporting scenes to crosses, as well as other religious symbols. In a nutshell, buyers of cremation necklaces can expect to find something that will be perfect to memorialize any personality.

The rise in the number of cremations in America may be alarming to some family members who are not quite sure what to think of cremation as a memorial option. Cremation, in many cultures and religions, has an air finality about it that is discomforting to many people. But cremation necklaces, with their ability to create permanent, personal memorials, may make cremation more comforting for many families.

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