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Cremation pendants, like the most cherished of jewelry, are beautiful, handcrafted pendants designed with much skill and care by talented artisans. But, what sets cremation pendants apart from other forms of jewelry makes them, perhaps, the most special of all keepsakes: cremation pendants house the precious remembrance within. Each cremation pendant offers true meaning to those that wear them, as they contain a small part of the dearly departed's final essence, or any other meaningful remembrance.

Many may wonder 'why would anyone want to wear someones ashes?' For those who have lost a loved one (especially when the loss is unexpected) one of the strongest feelings they must overcome is that of the loss itself - or in other words, the feeling of a void in one's life. Cremation jewelry can help fill that void, as they feel that in a way, the lost individual is always close to them. In that way, cremation jewelry can greatly help in healing from grief.

Cremation Jewelry will hold a precious remembrance for all eternitySince the inception of modern cremation in America in 1874, people have been searching for new ways to hold the remains of their loved ones near to them. And cremation ash jewelry satisfies that need. Just as with other forms of jewelry, cremation pendants come in many different types of designs and styles. They also come with their own cord and box.

A wide variety of cremation pendants are available, each designed and manufactured by skilled craftsmen. The styles available often have names that describe their beauty: quartz crystal cremation pendants, the transparent crystal cremation pendants, the prestige cylinder figure cremation pendants, the prestige amethyst cylinder cremation pendants, the glass cylinder with filigree casing cremation pendants, the cylinder with silver heart cremation pendants, the cylinder with gold heart cremation pendants, the urn vessel cremation pendants, the banded vessel cremation pendants, the plated vessel cremation pendants, the cylinder tube cremation pendants, the etched cylinder cremation pendants, and the plain cylinder cremation pendants. These are just a few of the many, many designs that are offered for this elegant choice of memorial tribute.

These are just some of the varieties in which cremation pendants are available. While the styles are often somewhat abstract - made to fit into both formal and casual wear - cremation jewelry also accommodates many religions. They can be crafted into the shape of crosses, hearts, cylinders, and many other designs. People of the Catholic faith can even find cremation pendants included in a traditional string of rosary beads. Yes, cremation ash rosaries feature the traditional design of a rosary, but the crucifix holds a small part of a lost loved one. For many, this creates a powerful tool in healing, that brings comfort in the quiet moments of life. Simply put, when it comes to cremation pendants, there is something available to perfectly memorialize every loved one.

A cremation pendant will keep a comforting remembrance close to the heartAs the Cremation Association of North America consumer's guide to cremation options notes, cremation, with its emphasis on reducing a body to mere ashes, can sometimes feel like an "end." Cremation pendants can do wonders for keeping a loved-ones memory alive for generations to come.

Though there are other ways cremation pendants may be utilized, cremation pendants are commonly used to store locks of hair of family members whose bodies have been buried. Perhaps a picture in a locket would be desired. Custom engraving may be done with the loved one's name or some special words of comfort.

Besides being beautiful jewelry, cremation pendants can be a very special alternative to the traditional cremation urns. Because they can be worn as necklaces, cremation pendants are comforting to survivors in that they provide a physically and aesthetically pleasing connection to the deceased.  As cremations have become ever more common in recent years, sales of cremation pendants have increased significantly. Families are finding that cremation pendants are the perfect complement to traditional urns.

Cremation pendants are popular because American families are often far flung across the globe. These days many families are choosing memorial jewelry as a wonderful way for several family members to share a love one's ashes.

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