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Jewelry for ashes is a relatively new trend in the memorial industry. Many people will even go so far as to say this trend surprising. People from all walks of life and in cultures throughout the world are usually amazed when they first learn that it's possible, on today's market, to buy beautiful pieces of jewelry (usually pendants or bracelets, but also rings and even keychains) designed with tiny compartments intended to store small amounts of cremation ashes. But, after the initial surprise settles, it is quite common for people to sort through the selection with a great deal of emotional calmness. It can be a great comfort to know that a loved one's cremation ashes can be close at hand for a lifetime. Here is a brief overview of the many different types of jewelry for ashes available today.

Cremation ashes can help create comforting remembrancesPieces of jewelry for ashes are available in both small and large sizes. Many of the small pieces of jewelry for ashes are designed so that they can be worn discreetly underneath a person's clothing so that they can always hold a love one close to the heart. Some of the larger ones can be worn such as necklaces and bracelets. These can be worn secretly underneath an article of clothing as well, of course, but, when comfort is a factor, the smaller pieces usually work best for this purpose. The larger pieces are typically best when worn by a person who does not necessarily mind being open about the fact that he or she has chosen to wear a piece of jewelry for ashes. Whether to be discreet about this choice is, of course, a very personal matter, and makers of jewelry for ashes are very considerate of the fact that, for many people, discreetness is very important. For those who wish for a more discreet there are even cremation key chains and cremation bracelets available as well.

For many people, jewelry for ashes is not to be worn at all, and manufacturers are very accommodating for such desires. A large selection of handsome looking "jewelry domes" are available today in which beautiful pieces of jewelry for ashes can be elegantly displayed. These domes can be adorned with metal plaques that include the name of the deceased and any other relevant words of honor and remembrance. While jewelry for ashes stored in these domes can usually be removed and worn for special occasions, many people choose to tightly seal the jewelry in the dome and treat is as a treasured interior display passed down through the ages as any other family heirloom.

Cremation jewelry is not limited to necklacesJewelry for ashes is available in a huge variety of materials and designs. The most popular material used today in the jewelry for ashes is sterling silver. (It’s about 90% sterling silver with 10 % being copper.) Necklaces and bracelets are available in silver as well as gold and titanium. Heart and Crosses are very common in today’s jewelry for ashes. Ash pendants play a big role in jewelry for ashes as they are very versatile and can range from very small to as big as you would like. Wooden pendants are very popular and can be worn with a very nice looking rope or chain. Ash lockets hold not only a small part of remains, but also a small photo of the loved one that the pendant honors. Some of the jewelry for ashes pendants also features Swarovski crystals. These types of crystals are also found in all types of fine jewelry and that is yet more evidence that jewelry for ashes is no different from any other genre of jewelry. Many of the of jewelry for ashes can be customized with special engraving. If space permits, a loved one can choose to adhere a memorable saying on the piece of jewelry to remember your loved ones by, but many owners are quite happy just including a single or, perhaps, even initials that have special memorial meaning. And, finally, jewelry for ashes has one final option that may come as a surprise: rather than cremation ashes, some jewelry for ashes owners have chosen a favorite flower arrangement form a loved one’s funeral and have the flowers dried and included in the pendant. This use of dried flowers or, in some cases locks of hair ads yet another surprising twist to the generally surprising new memorial tradition of jewelry for ashes.

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