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Keepsakes in Pendant Form are Growing in Popularity

Keepsake pendants are among the growing number of unique memorial products that are designed to memorialize deceased loved ones. Simply put, keepsake ash pendants are beautiful pieces of jewelry that house tiny bits of a loved-one’s remains within. This allows the piece to become a wonderfully personal, yet discreet tribute to a lost loved one.

The rise in popularity in cremation is reflected in the expansion of cremation itemsAs the number of cremations has increased dramatically in recent years, sales of keepsake pendants have also skyrocketed. Families across America and the world have found that keepsake pendants are a wonderful way to erase the feeling of finality that a cremation can sometimes create. Psychologists and other experts say that an important part of the grieving process is establishing a special place in which a loved-one can always be remembered. While this is traditionally a grave in a cemetery, families of a person who has been cremated may not always have such a memorial. Keepsake pendants, in such cases, can become the most special of memorials as they offer a portable tribute that can be kept close at all times.

Families often use keepsake memorials as compliments to traditional urns, too. While most of a family member’s ashes are stored permanently in a large, traditional urn, tiny portions can be transferred to one or more keepsake pendant and then, accordingly, shared among an entire family even if the family members live thousands of miles apart.

Many people choose keepsake pendants to memorialize their loved ones simply because of the beauty and physical connection to the loved one the keepsake pendants provide. Many feel that because a keepsake pendant can be highly personalized and can be kept close at all times, that it provides a truly powerful tool in the grieving process. Keepsake pendants come in many different varieties and styles. From cylindrical shapes, in a myriad of designs, to traditional pendant shapes, such as crosses and hearts, keepsake pendants can bring comfort to survivors in a difficult time with unfamiliar emotions in the form of a familiar symbol. Not only do Keepsake jewelry can be a beautiful reminder of those whom they memorializekeepsake pendants come in a large selection of traditional shapes and symbols, they also come in an array of non-traditional and unique forms. Keepsake pendants range in a number of styles because the survivor and the loved one it represents are also idiosyncratic. Keepsake pendants are beautiful reminders of the person of whom they memorialize.

Keepsake pendants come in a wide variety of styles, shapes and materials. Keepsake pendant pieces can be made of wood, glass, gold, silver, diamonds and even tiny seashells.  Most keepsake pendants are designed to be worn by family members who want to keep their loved one's memory close at hand each day. But keepsake pendants do not necessarily have to be worn. Several nice home display options are available. Keepsake pendants can be hung beautifully in special dome display cases made of glass, and nearly all keepsake pendants come with a beautiful storage box in which they can be stored and displayed when not being worn.

Keepsake pendants are yet another representation of the people of the 21st century’s ideas and attitudes toward death. Not only are keepsake pendants a tribute to loved ones but also, they are cultural icons, markers themselves, of this time and age. Finally, keepsake cremation pendants not only serve as a loving reminder now, but can also become a cherished heirloom that can be handed down for many generations. This elegant and functional jewelry truly allows for a variety of ways to honor one's loved ones.

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