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Memorial Pendants are quickly becoming one of the most popular ways for families to memorialize their loved ones. The popularity of this special type of jewelry has increased in recent years in conjunction with the rise in the number of cremations across the world. What makes memorial pendants among the most precious of cremation jewelry keepsakes, is that most are designed to store tiny bits of the precious remains of a beloved family member, in a way that honors their life's passion.

Memorial pendants offer a personalized final tribute that honors life's passionsAs the Cremation Association of North America consumer's guide to cremation options notes, cremation, with its emphasis on reducing a body to mere ashes, can sometimes feel like an "end." For this reason, many are increasingly finding that cremation jewelry can change that feeling because it makes it possible for deceased loved ones to always be with their survivors. Because of the personalized nature of memorial ash pendants, they  can do wonders for keeping a loved-one’s memory alive for generations to come.

Memorial pendants, today, come in many different styles and designs, and dealers typically offer a large selection. It is possible to find a memorial cremation jewelry piece that will perfectly memorialize just about anyone’s personality. Memorial pendants can be found availalbe in different shapes, such as hearts, teardrops, crosses and other symbols. They also offer themes such as the western memorial jewelry, which features cowboy boots, horse shoes, and even horses! For those who lived for sports there are baseball cremation pendants, football memorial jewelry, as well as other sports. These elegant memorial pendants are also fashioned from a wide variety of materials including metal, glass, cobalt and even wood.

Memorial Pendants can keep an eternal flame of remembrance lit foreverAnother major reason why memorial pendants are also popular is because many families are often far flung across the globe. For those who prefer a traditional urn, memorial pendants are still a good complement because the smaller vessels can be filled and given to other members of the family, so they may also have a personal tribute. Some prefer to have the ashes dispersed in a special place. Memorial pendants are a good way to accommodate the wishes of a loved one and still keep a personal keepsake.  Grieving is a normal and necessary process for the survivors. Memorial cremation jewelry provides a comfortable and private way to remember a loved one at any time and in any place.

There are also other ways memorial pendants may be utilized. Memorial pendants are commonly used to store locks of hair of family members whose bodies have been buried. Perhaps a picture in a locket would be desired. Custom engraving may be done with special words or information. A few varieties are designed to feature, everlastingly, miniature portraits of a family member. Other memorial pendants feature nature scenes, and there is the evermore popular crucifix, which is featured among traditionally made rosary beads. Whatever their style, memorial pendants are a modern and sentimentally conscientious way of cherishing loved ones who have passed away, and honoring the memory they leave behind.

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